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  • frogPrince onLine Dating exists for the purpose of introducing mature adults (18 and older) to one another. We are not a mail order bride or foreign introduction service.

    This site was designed primarily to service individuals from the United States of America and Canada who are seeking to date within their own country. Profiles of people claiming to be living in the United States of America or Canada, that have been created in other countries will not be approved.

    While we do our best to determine if a profile is being creating overseas, all references to location, marital status and age have been supplied by the members, and are not 100% verified by frogPrince. We review and approve all profiles & photos, reserving the right to refuse or edit copy. No profiles will be accepted that are advertising other services or products, pornographic or otherwise rude or offensive.

  • Please beware of scams!

    Don't be fooled by someone that you have yet to actually meet who says "I love you" and sends gifts or promises expensive gifts, vacations, airline tickets or marriage. If someone seems too good to be true, this is a scam.

    If corresponces are in broken English, poorly spelled, inconsistent, or appear to have been translated from another language, yet the member claims to be an American, this is a scam.

    If a member claims to be foreign born, living in America and can't meet because he is doing business overseas, this is a scam!

    If a profile picture is of professional quality, it may actually be a photo of a model or celebrity borrowed from another source. Also, if a picture is blurry/distorted it also may be of someone else. Look carefully - If eye/hair color or build stated in the text of a profile is inconsistent with a posted photo, this is a scam.

    If someone immediately requests your personal email address, IM (instant messenger) profile, or phone number, stating that his/her profile is expiring or that they soon will be unable to access the internet, this is a scam.

    • DO NOT let someone rush you into leaving the safety of anonymous communications available through this or another online dating service.
    • NEVER provide your last name, address or telephone number until you have established a high comfort level communicating on this, or other, dating service and have actually met in person.

    If someone requests money for any reason from you; asks for you to arrange transportation; requests that you take delivery of and resend packages or hold for pickup by a third party; appeals for your help in facilitating the transfer of inherited funds or asks that you accept money/checks to cash/deposit for them in a local bank; or asks that you purchase items such as laptop computers, iPads, iPhones, digital cameras or other electronic devices to ship to a foreign country claiming to need them for business or to communicate with you, this is a scam.

    • DO NOT send or accept money/checks, DO NOT wire money through Western Union, and DO NOT provide your address, credit card or banking information.
    • DO NOT rent a car, and never purchase a bus, train or airline ticket for a stranger even if you are given a credit card number (it is probably stolen).
    • DO NOT accept delivery of packages from strangers.
    • DO NOT send laptop computers, iPads, iPhones, digital cameras or other electronic equipment overseas to strangers.
    • DO NOT fall for someone's hard luck story of extraordinary medical bills, mortgage foreclosure, funeral costs, legal fees, or being stuck in a foreign country trying to get "home" to the United States.
    • NEVER give or "lend" money to someone you have just met on the internet!
    • KEEP IN MIND, If he/she is really the rich, successful business person whom they claim to be, he/she does not need help, or financial support, from a total stranger to conduct their business abroad or return "home".

    As harsh as this may seem, scammers prey upon older widowed or divorced women, who are sometimes perceived as desperate, naive and vulnerable. Please be especially cautious and suspicious of strangers if you are a female over the age of 45. If at all in doubt, immediately stop any communications.

    If you have any suspicions about someone who has contacted you through this service or any other online dating service, Please report a concern against the member.

  • Our members have NOT undergone personal or criminal background checks.

    Please use extreme caution when arranging meetings with strangers. People who place or respond to frogPrince onLine Dating Ads do so at their own risk. There are other ways to meet single people, Online Dating is NOT for Everyone!